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Old news from 2014.
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December 2014
In the past few weeks we have had requests for a bobbin to commemorate the Tour de France visiting Yorkshire for the Grand Départ. At the same time we added a bobbin for the European Space Agency's spectacular scientific achievement of landing the Philae probe on a comet. As usual, full details can be found on our Current Commemoratives page.


September 2014
The start of another business year, our 43rd.
Only a few new additions this year, but these do include the latest half dozen
'Wise Owl' sayings bringing the total number of sayings we now offer to 168.
Our Current Commemoratives page also contains details of the three latest additions: New Year 2015 and bobbins to commemorate the first birthday of Prince George and the 'No' vote in the historic Scottish Independence Referendum on 18 September.


June 2014
We must start with an apology for the following announcement. Summer has hardly started we know, but Christmas is just around the corner!
We are often asked why do we have Christmas bobbins so early in the year. Well, there are some places we visit just once a year and that's the only opportunity some lacemakers have to see and buy them. Also, if we left it until November/December to make them we could find ourselves with no time to do any other bobbins. To see this year's design go to Current Commemoratives.


May 2014
The acrylic tennis ball head beads are back in stock for the Andy Murray bobbins. We have also obtained acrylic football head beads which are an option on our World Cup Brazil 2014 bobbins which have just been added to our Current Commemoratives.


April 2014
Unfortunately our suppliers are out of stock of the acrylic tennis ball head beads at present. However, whilst searching for other stockists we did come across two new interesting bead ranges, Neon Pearls and Gumdrops which we have added to our Special Spangled page.
By special request, we are now making a bobbin for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day which is on our Current Commemoratives page.


January 2014 (update)
Due to issues with our static IP address, or so we are told, the upgrade to fibre broadband took longer than anticipated and we were off-line for 46 hours. Apologies to anyone who was affected. However we are now back on-line and 'cooking with gas'!

The 2014 Easter and Mothering Sunday bobbins have now been added to our Current Commemoratives page.

We have been notified that our telephone connection will be upgraded in the afternoon of Monday 27 January (to provide us with a super-fast fibre broadband network). This will mean that for a minimum of one hour that afternoon (and, we are told, a maximum of four hours!) we will have no access to the internet and will be unable to make or receive calls during this down time.
At the same time our website server should also be upgraded. We have not been given any estimate as to how long this may affect access, other than "it could be days rather than hours if things don't go smoothly!". So do bear with us during this transition.

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