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December 2013
Following the announcement of the death of Nelson Mandela on the evening of Thursday 5 December we were very busy the following day making commemorative bobbins for the National Christmas Lacemaker's Fair at Cranmore Park, Solihull on the Saturday. Of course we couldn't make enough and we sold out. Since then we have been working hard and not only are the bobbins now back in stock but we have also found the time to put a photo on our Current Commemoratives page.


October 2013
HRH Prince George was Christened on 23 October and to commemorate this event we have produced a bobbin. Details, as usual, on our Current Commemoratives page.


September 2013
For us, September sees the start of a new business year. During the summer we have been busy updating our paper brochure, which was long overdue and making some changes to the website

In these difficult economic times we are pleased to announce that our bobbin prices remain unchanged for another period. However, due to increased postal charges on larger, bulkier packages, regrettably we have had to introduce a 50p postal supplement on a few items. These are marked with a throughout the website.

If you are likely to be meeting us at a lace event why not avoid the postal charges altogether and get in touch beforehand. We'll do our best to have the bobbins done and put to one side for you to collect. As we can be very busy before most lace events, particularly the larger Lace Fairs the more notice you can give the better, preferably at least one week.

New Additions
As usual at this time of year there are a few additions to our line-up of bobbins.
For further information and pictures of the new bobbins please click on the appropriate link.

Firstly we have a new 4 bobbin Painted Set - 'Friends in Lace' and three new ranges of Special Spangled bobbins:
'Wood Grain'
Stones - a natural stone (marble) head bead which has the appearance of wood grain,
Four-sided spears - a black and orange spear shaped head bead and,
Peacocks - peacock eye-feather dots on three different shaped head beads.

We have added a further six sayings to our 'Wise Owl' list. The total number of sayings is now 162.

Current Commemoratives
We have three more
bobbins to add to our Current Commemoratives range - our New Year 2014 bobbin and, with apologies to our Australian lacemakers, one for England retaining the Ashes, together with another for the Lions' Test Series win.

**Special Offer**
Never one to miss a bargain, we found ourselves with a surplus of Amarello. So whilst stocks last, we are offering 10 spangled Amarello 'Better' Basics in our popular style J for £20.00, a saving of £4.00.

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